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Customer Cars

One of my long time customers, Joe Perry, with his sons and their Cosworth engined 7, after an update by Sevens & Elans. Steven Tyler also has one. When I first met Joe, I had no idea who he was, but I did know who Aerosmith was, after he told me! After gigs, Steven would be picked up at the airport in his 7, so he could gaze at the stars on his way home.
Continuing on in the music vein J. Geils told me that he also used to own an S2 Lotus 7. His stories of driving home from the airport, in the rain, with no top, were funny.
I also introduced Peter Egan, a fan of J. Geils, to J., when Peter borrowed a Caterham 7 to drive around New England, for a Road & Track article. Peter eventually wrote another article on his meeting with J. for Road & Track. Peter and his wife Barbara flew out and stayed with me in Cambridge, MA. Unfortunately, I was unable to meet them as I was out at a Rolling Stones concert. So, I left my keys under the floor mat. When we got back they were watching my videoed re runs of the Prisoner!  We went out to meet J., at his Ferrari restoration shop and then Peter and Barb went off on their trip. Amusingly I was off to the UK the next day, so left them the keys to my condo and garage! They are both wonderful people and his article about the trip was, as usual, highly entertaining.

On a recent summer weekend at Tanglewood (Boston Symphony Orchestra's summer home), Seven Owner Merritt Lutz introduces Maestro Seija Ozawa to the world of Sevens.  St. Petersburg (Russia) Maestro Yuri Temirkanov provided some driving tips to Seija.

"What's it called?" (Seija)
"Do you really think I could drive it?" (Seija)
Yuri provides driving tips (hint: Yuri doesn't drive)
"I think he's got it" (Yuri)
"But I'm not going to hang around to find out". (Yuri)



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