Sevens & Elans, Ltd. offers a complete mail order parts service for all Series II Sevens onwards. Note that some Series II parts fit Series I cars. Parts are also available for early Lotus Elans and Elites. We encourage your inquiries.

All parts are shipped UPS or similar carrier and are shipped within 24 hours of receipt of order.

Quaife 6 Speed Dog Box

This 6 speed dog box was fitted to a 2006 CSR and used for 980 miles. CSR was sold, gearbox removed and standard 6 speed was fitted. Gearbox is in perfect shape and comes with a gear indicator. Will fit all Dedion chassis.

FOR SALE $8,000 Includes shipping in the USA.


Carbon Fibre External Mirrors

These new carbon fibre exterior side mounted mirrors are now available. They do not impede the use of side screens or wind wings. They mount to the wind screen stanchion, via an adaptor and use existing holes.

$295. Plus Shipping


Anti Squeal Kit

For those of you with Zetec powered Sevens, this kit will remove the annoying squeal that occurs upon start up. The new routing of the belt also precludes the belt rubbing on the front cover of the engine.

The problem is caused by the tensioner allowing the belt to slip when the alternator charges. This is most prevalent on start up. The kit relocates the serpentine belt tensioner to its original Ford location, underneath the alternator. An additional pulley improves the belt and pulley contact. It replaces the moved tensioner.

The kit comes with all the required items. CNC machined bracket, spacer, all 10.9 hardware, Gates serpentine pulley and belt.

Installation of the actual kit should take no more than 15 minutes.

Kit $197. Plus Shipping